Looking Forward, Sartorially

2020? I don’t want to get into it too much. We’ve heard all the “Someone’s definitely playing Jumanji and we’re all stuck in it” sayings. We’ve heard words like “Unprecedented” being used and phrases such as “New Normal”, but what I really want to know is; Did you miss getting up, dressing up and stepping out during lock-down? I sure as hell did. 

Looking forward, I see that there will be a LOT of people who have quite simply missed an entire wardrobe season. Anyone familiar with buying bespoke will know that, although summer is here and the birds are singing in the trees, we’re planning our autumn/winter wardrobes. It’s time to start talking about flannels, cords, tweeds and of course, coats.

Something you’ll be seeing a LOT of at Edinburgh Tailoring Company over the next few months is the appointments based around Coat ordering. We’ve literally just started drafting a pattern for a plain black Cashmere coat. Something we’re quite excited about as it’s an exquisite cloth to work with and starts at just £599. With the addition of a gorgeous silk lining and some preferred styling, the finished article came in at a cost of just £777. For a pure cashmere overcoat. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

In the weeks to follow, you’ll see this pattern appearing on our Instagram page as we track the journey from the cutters table, through the fair hands of our stitching team and into finishing and fitting. We’re excited to show you that in this business, paper patterns are very much the order of the day with traditional hand tailoring the preferred method for our talented team in Nepal. 

Get in touch today to book your appointment at either our Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester studios where our Bespoke Tailoring Consultants will be on hand to guide you through the bespoke tailoring process. Call 01312151475 or email info@edinburghtailoringcompany.com

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