How can we help you?

We don’t often walk into shops anymore, but can you remember back to when it was the way to shop? You’d enter, take a little look around, and you’d be approached by one of the friendly staff members who would undoubtedly ask “How can I help you?”. Great question, designed to create an open ended interaction between the customer and the assistant in which the assistant can gleam information from you and use their knowledge to show you, or guide you towards what it is you’re looking for.

Nowadays, we don’t much get the chance to ask “How can I help you?”. We need to write content, refine our web presence, create adverts and network to let the world know how we can help them. I’ve written this blog to provide a few examples of how Edinburgh Tailoring Company can help you with the services we can provide. 

Firstly and foremost, we are bespoke tailors. We help you create beautiful handmade suits, shirts, ties, overcoats, jackets, ladies wear and highland wear at incredible prices. In fact, we can cater for most things. If you have a specific request and we can’t handle it here at ETC, we’ll know someone who can, so it’s worth having the conversation even to get pointed in the right direction. We have a collection of over 800 suiting/jacket cloths to choose from, which can be personalised with over 100 lining options, and an uncountable number of style combinations (at the last count, there were over 40 BILLION permutations of product that can be created from our range. Mind-blowing).

We can create Wedding Suits, Tweed Suits, Tartan Suits, Business Suits, Casual Jackets, Formal wear (such as morning/evening dress and tuxedos), Men’s shirts, Ladies shirts/blouses, Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and so much more. We often help our clients build a wardrobe to fit with their own personal brand, something which is so important today; especially for those who represent themselves either as a business, or as a person of interest on social media. Image is everything and what you wear should reflect that. 

More than just creators of clothing, we’re problem solvers too. Are you fed up with shopping around for clothes that don’t fit properly? Do you always have to have your clothes shortened/lengthened? We can work with you to create your own unique pattern that can be stored here for life. If you change shape a little, we’ll refine your pattern so that you can order time and again, knowing that your clothes will fit perfectly. Each time you order something, we leave your pattern on the cutters table for a period of 6 weeks to allow you to wear in the garments. If you need further refinement, just book a fitting and we’ll take care of it, updating your pattern as we do so. Maybe you’re looking through Instagram and you notice an outfit that you like the look of but can’t find it in the shops? We can help. With our cloth range and eye for design, we’ll help you recreate your favourite looks. 

Most of all though, we’re your local tailor. Whether it be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Aberdeen or Newcastle (for now – more locations to come in the months ahead), you can be sure we are here to look after you in YOUR city. Give us a call today on 01312151475 or visit to contact us. How can we help you?

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