What’s in a cloth?

When Shakespeare penned the words ‘what’s in a name?’, the answer was fairly complicated. In our case, the answer to ‘what’s in a cloth?’ is also multifaceted and we are here to explain more about it!

At Edinburgh Tailoring Company, we have an incredible cloth range for you to choose from. You can expect to find the following cloth options in our shop:

  • 100% Pure Wool
  • Lambswool
  • Tweed
  • Mohair
  • Wool & Silk
  • Wool & Cashmere
  • Pure Cashmere

For anything particularly specialist, we have a traditional bespoke partner that we can refer you to.

Choosing Your Cloth

It’s the most important decision you’ll make when having a bespoke suit made, so it’s imperative that you understand the important aspects of choosing a cloth.

The first question we will ask is: how often are you going to use your items? A suit that is used less regularly will open up the cloth choices to you, as there is less concern over whether you require something hard wearing or heavier. 

Secondly, we’re going to narrow your choice down by asking what you will primarily use the suit for. This will influence the look and feel, as well as the overall durability of the chosen cloth.

Next, we’ll hone in on what colour and pattern you’re interested in in order to reduce the sheer volume of choice. Ideally, by the end of the conversation we should be looking at around 3-5 options to make your final choice.

The Business Suit vs the Special Occasion Suit

What’s so important about cloth choice? Let’s say you want to order a new business suit. You’ll wear it around three times a week, perhaps use a backpack or satchel and spend time sitting or standing on public transport. A 100% wool with a cloth weight of 10/12 oz would be ideal in this case.

On the other hand, a lightweight pure wool or an Italian fine mohair would be perfect for the tuxedo that will only be used very occasionally at an important event or a meeting further afield. You can throw it in the overhead locker, keep it cool on the journey and provide a level of crease resistance while you’re on the move. 

We also take the style you are looking for into account. A good example here is that you are looking to have a vintage themed suit for a wedding. We would focus on cloths such as tweeds and lambswools to ensure we recreate that look and feel you’re aiming for.

Our range includes cloth weights from 7.5oz to 21oz. They are wide and varied and we try to accommodate every request that we can. Our cloth is sourced from markets in the UK and Italy, and another range from a Turkish mill (ironically, of Italian cloth).

For all enquiries, please contact info@edinburghtailoringcompany.com or call on 01312151475.

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