Welcome Back… to a Brand New Suit

Today is an exciting day for Edinburgh Tailoring Company – and indeed all tailors across Scotland. Along with beauticians, tattoo parlours, and universities, the 22nd of July marks the day we can open our doors to customers once again! 

While we have been undertaking consultations via Zoom, WhatsApp and Facetime during lockdown, getting measurements from people to an eighth of an inch precision while they are at the end of a video call has been decidedly interesting at times… But even with the most advanced technologies, there is simply no replacing being able to sit down with a customer looking for a new bespoke suit or some made-to-measure shirts.

Part of the fun of the bespoke tailoring experience is building a rapport between customer and tailoring specialist. Being able to chat about how you want your new suit to fit – ‘tailored but not too tight’, ‘traditional but with a twist’, ‘a bit like Sean Connery’s suit in Goldfinger – and build an understanding which allows us to add flavour to the facts that your measurements give us.

The Edinburgh Tailoring Company experience is not only making you a ‘suit that fits’ but one where you have control of the details. Want a suit that’s a plain navy business affair on the outside but a riot of contrasting paisley print on the inside? No problem. Really hate lapels on your waistcoats? We’ll leave them off. Want a tweed wedding suit that has purple buttonholes to match the theme of your wedding? We’ll simply ask which buttonholes and make it happen. 

These bespoke details are the things that make your suit uniquely yours. These are the things that are so much easier to chat about now we can welcome customers into our new studio in Young Street in Edinburgh’s new town.

One thing that technology can’t replicate but has always been part of having a suit made for you is being able to handle the cloth. During a face-to-face consultation you can see exactly what shade of blue that wool/cashmere mix is. You can get a feel of its weight, its softness and exactly how good it looks next to that bright yellow lining and maroon piping! And while our Bespoke Tailoring Consultants can offer advice of different cloth, their durability, how warm or breathable they are, and what classic combinations of colours might be, the joy of a bespoke consultation is that you have the final say as you pick through all our options.

Being able to go back (even if it is with facemasks, hand sanitizer and social distancing where possible) to being part of that process of sitting down with customers to work towards designing them a suit is exciting for every one of the team and Edinburgh Tailoring Company. We are looking forward to being able to spend time with fitting for customers returning from before lockdown as well as welcoming, in person, a new batch of customers with our Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester consultants.

You can be part of this process and book an appointment for a consultation and measurement for your own bespoke fitting either by calling 0131 215 1475 or visiting us online at https://edinburghtailoringcompany.com/

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