Summer Suits: 4 Tips for Dressing in Warm Weather

As the summer weather heats up, you have probably started to make changes to your wardrobe. However just because it’s getting hotter, doesn’t mean you have to rule out suits altogether. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with separates, new colours, styles and fabrics. If you’re unsure where to start, follow our handy tips to learn everything you need to know about warm weather dressing.

Choose lightweight fabrics

As a general rule, the best fabrics for a summer suit are those that will ensure maximum breathability. These kinds of materials allow air to circulate around the body, keeping you cool all day.

Cotton, linen or a combination of the two are all great choices that will leave you feeling comfortable. 

Experiment with lighter colours

With summer suits, the colours should generally be lighter than the darks you wear throughout winter. This is because they absorb much less heat than their darker counterparts and light colours are a fun way to add vibrancy to your wardrobe.

Stone and light grey are classic neutral choices for men and women that are easy to wear. But if you’re feeling more adventurous why not go for a muted pastel colour or something a bit more vibrant such as a bold yellow or red? Go on, we dare you.

Think about the fit

When buying a new suit, the correct fit for your body should be a top priority. Generally speaking, summer suits tend to be less formal which means you can get away with a more casual approach. For example, jackets can be tailored to have a looser fit and trousers can be worn without a break or with a turned-up cuff.

Ladies can also consider swapping out the long trousers for a pair of tailored cropped trousers or even some loose-fitting shorts.

Pay attention to your footwear

When switching up your suit for summer, it’s important to make sure you’re changing your footwear to match. Instead of chunky boots and hard leathers, opt for something lighter that will help your feet to breathe. Gender neutral loafers, espadrilles and boat shoes are all great options, but don’t be afraid to go super casual with a pair of white trainers. 

If you’re looking to switch up your look with a summer suit, you can set up an online appointment to discuss your options here.

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