Guest Post: Chris Mather, Director of Private Concierge Scotland

My name is Chris Mather and my true love of Scotland inspired me to create Private Concierge Scotland. I was brought up in the suburbs of Edinburgh and currently live in the countryside. It has always been my desire to share the hidden gems of Scotland that are so often missed by visitors to all.

At Private Concierge Scotland we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of VIP experiences that are unique, exciting and truly personal, not to mention, Scottish! We offer a wide range of services including arranged tours of Scotland in our luxury chauffeur fleet, a simple transfer service to a private party, movie premiere, whisky tasting or even to the airport.

We also arrange the arrival and organisation of private or commercial jets, bespoke helicopter tours or transfers around the country and outdoor pursuits of many forms including fishing and shooting.

Our Partnership with Edinburgh Tailoring Company

Partnering with the Edinburgh Tailoring Company has allowed us to expand our offering into something bespoke. A personalised garment or suit that the client never wants to take off!

Working with Chris allows us to do that with ease. His attention to detail, care and precision are truly unique. He sets a standard above any competition and delivers a product that is perfect. 

Our driver team are all kitted out with an ETC suit or bespoke piece to ensure we have the ultimate talking point on our journeys. This creates a buzz about the brand before we make the introduction. 

Adapting to Ensure Client Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic Private Concierge Scotland have had to adapt to offering their services on another level. Our clients’ health and wellbeing is always our priority and we have had to adapt our products to ensure we meet the standards required. 

Ensuring that all of our chartered jets are arranged for the clients’ convenience and safety with all necessary precautions taken is our priority. The cleanliness of our fleet has always been to a high standard and this will be maintained. After every customer we ensure to have the full valet service performed before having the vehicle fogged with an antibacterial product that is proven to kill the virus. Our fleet are clean and germ free ensuring that all essential travel is performed to the highest of standards. 

Once our businesses can be returned to some semblance of normality we look forward to assisting Chris and his clients with their bespoke transport needs, worldwide tailoring opportunities and overall premium, Scottish service. 

Plan Your Bespoke Itinerary

When I plan an itinerary with you, I identify each detail that will make the day totally memorable for you: your passions and interests are at the heart of the itinerary and will create fabulous Scottish experiences. Every itinerary is truly bespoke to your exact requirements. 

They value the break from decision making in their busy lives, the only decisions that you will ever have to make on the day is what to wear and what to eat.

Let us do the research, coordination and planning so that you can optimise every moment of your precious leisure time, it’s what I love doing and, I’m proud to say, my team and I are very good at it.

We operate a ‘YES’ policy. The answer is always ‘yes, what can we help you with’?

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