Four Post-Lockdown Fashion Trends

Since lockdown most of us have fundamentally changed the way we dress. 

For those who aren’t going into the workplace every day, working from has paved the way for the ultimate comfy leggings and t-shirt combination. Others have reached a compromise with the smart shirt and fluffy slippers that no one will ever see for the Zoom meeting – and then there are the dapper dressers who have refused to let lockdown get in the way of a good tuxedo or ballgown.

Either way, with a route map out of lockdown now in place and wedding restrictions set to be lifted for couples aroundAugust, we explored what the trends will be post-down.

Bespoke Pieces Will Trump Fast Fashion

The evidence shows that the public are falling out of love with fast fashion and that this shift in feeling is most likely here to stay.

Instead, consumers will give more thought to the garments they are investing in. They will prioritise buying clothing that is well made, will last and benefit the environment in the long run too.

A high-quality bespoke suit or blazer is long lasting whereas the average lifespan of a garment bought on the high street is around 2.2 years

Seasonless Staples Will Be in All Year Round

Gucci declared the fashion calendar to be ‘obsolete’ this month. Similar to the point we have made about fast fashion, the label’s creative director Alessandro Michele referred to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, saying “I think these are stale and underfed words…clothes should have a longer than those which these words attribute to them.”

Fashion experts predict that consumers are looking to buy wardrobe building staples such as a blazer or a waistcoat. When people return to work many people may opt to graduate from just ‘casual’ to ‘smart casual’ and a blazer or waistcoat will help you achieve this look.

Dressing Up to the Nines Will become a Regular Event

After spending so much time locked away in their houses, people will think ‘carpe diem’ and decide that every day is a day to dress up to the nines. Of course, we give a special mention to all those who have already taken this opportunity to wear their ballgowns and suits to the supermarket and for cocktails on Zoom.

On the Spring catwalks double breasted tailoring and pinstripes were very popular. At ETC we have over 100 pinstripe options for you to choose from!

Comfy Clothes Won’t Disappear Entirely

It has also been predicted that after spending months working from home, there will be a change in what people wear to the office and in their daily lives. Many people will want to combine their loungewear with more formal clothes. 

Think oversized shirts paired with chinos or staple denim jeans. We might even see pyjama suits or joggies with an overshirt, although personally we’re not sure if we’re ready for that last trend to take hold yet…

It turns out the ‘smart on top, casual on the bottom’ Zoom call trend might be here to stay.

Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are looking forward to reopening our shop doors in the hopefully not too distant future.

We continue to be available for video consultations and will respond to all email enquiries and phone calls as quickly as we can in the meantime.

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